You met me at a very strange time in my life.
The correct way to touch a woman;

Run your fingers through her hair
Trace her bare shoulders
Gently slip your hand in between her thighs, without attempting to touch what’s up above
Squeeze her butt while hugging, but only in the most adorably possessive “this is my girl” type of way
Draw imaginary pictures on her lower back with your fingers
Softly stroke her earlobes
Rub one finger across her bottom lip
Let her arms be on top of the hug, no matter how much taller you are

Touch her waist, no matter how secure she is with her body
Touch her face unless very delicately
Lay your head on her shoulder, this will make her feel manly and takes away her opportunity to do so
Use her as merely and arm rest
Direct attention to a feature that you know she is insecure about
Complain when her make up rubs of on your shirt
Use force, be smooth, calm and delicate

And remember, kisses on the forehead neck and shoulders will make her feel much more desired than a simple kiss on the lips.

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Beyonce puts her 1 year old daughter who can not speak yet on her album but not her sister with a struggling music career

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